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Mary, B.-  "I was very anxious, but had no discomfort whatsoever! Very pleased." 1/2016
R. Mitroi-  "Great experience, quick and painless." 9/2016
R. Barreras-  "Scott and his staff were very thorough and professional. Thanks for the great service." 8/2016
D. Donovan-  "Best root canal ever (had 25 in 60 years). Dr. Pace is the best I have ever had for this."   8/2016 
L. Ruddy-  "Dr. Pace is a wonderful dentist. I have had a few root canals in the past that were extremely painful. I did not feel a thing! I highly recommend Dr. Pace."   8/2016
R. Teller-  "Was much better than I expected."8/2016
K. Hughes-  "This was a painless dental experience. Good time for a nap."   8/2016                                             
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